The Institute of Insight is a non-profit organisation with an objective to advance education, promote health and creativity to improve quality of life by providing opportunities for lifelong learning, training, appropriate services, research and publications for the benefit of general public and professionals worldwide.

To achieve its objectives, The Institute is joint-working with professionals in various academic, professional and charitable organisations.

It is in partnership with Quality of Life Research and Development Foundation (QoLReF) and Geriatric Care and Research organisation (GeriCaRe).

The Institute of Insight is currently supporting various public education initiatives, research projects and publications. It sponsors publication of academic, professional and sociocultural journals. It supports Journal of Geriatric Care and Research, which is freely available to general public and professionals. It is contributing to the Healthy Ageing Conference a public education event in India, for elderly people and their caregivers. There are many research projects in different organisations and academic programmes currently ongoing indifferent organisations.

We invite individuals with an interest to support the objectives of the Institute to join and participate in its activities.